Friday, July 8, 2016

Quilt Labels - My process

Do you label all your quilts? I always label mine. 

My labels start with 2 things: Electric Quilt Printable fabric and Microsoft Word.

Sometimes it is as simple as my name, contact info and the date the quilt was made.

Sometimes I like to add colour and interesting shapes to my label. If I use MS Draw (inside Word) or add ClipArt I put the text inside a 'text box' and place that on top of the drawn shape or the ClipArt image. That is how both these labels were made.

When I sewed this label to the quilt, I framed it with strips of fabric used in the quilt.

I can add pictures to my document like I did for these wedding quilt labels for my children. 

And sometimes I put a picture of the quilt on the front or, in the case of the Old Growth quilt, I added the picture that inspired the quilt.

And I've used 'extra blocks' for labels too.

I save my document often as I go along. And I always print a test on paper to see what the label will look like. Have I made any typos? Is the font easy to read? Do I like the colours? Have I allowed a seam allowance around my label?

When I am happy with the design I print the document on the prepared fabric sheet. 

If I am making only 1 label, I fill the rest of the sheet with 'generic' style labels with my name and contact information.  I can use these labels for other quilts and add the quilt name and any other information I want to add using a permanent marker.

I hope my labels have given you ideas for ways to label your quilts. 
I'd love to see pictures of the labels you have added to yours.

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