Thursday, May 18, 2017

Book Review - In the Studio with Angela Walters

This book has been out for a few years but I just bought it recently.

Although I have been machine quilting for MANY years (almost 20!) I still collect books that give me inspiration for quilting my quilt. I am pleased that this part of the 'make a quilt' process has had more attention in the last few years and it is easier to see how quilts are quilted in these type of books. I don't have to squint at pictures of quilts in other books to see how they were quilted!

I HATE that statement....'Quilt as desired.'  How do you know WHAT you desire? How do you know what you can DO? That is why I include information about quilting ideas in every pattern I publish. I often try to suggest a couple of options so the person who makes the quilt can be successful when they finish the quilt, just as my instructions are detailed so they can make the quilt top.

Angela's book includes 10 modern quilt projects but it is the QUILTING ideas that I find most intriguing. You don't need a longarm quilting machine to use the techniques in the book.

She talks about how the quilting can add movement, depth, dimension, focus and contrast in your quilt. These are many of the characteristics that we have in mind when we choose fabrics for our quilts. To me, that says that the quilting is an INTEGRAL part of the quilt. Therefore it should be as exciting to us as making the QUILT TOP!

Is it exciting to you.....or does it scare you?

Here's my take on that. I'm sure you were scared when you made your first quilt top. Did you choose the right fabric, are your seams accurate, did I mis-cut something? But you persevered and learned new things with every project you made.

It is the SAME with machine quilting. You WILL start out scared, you WILL have doubts but you can only GET BETTER if you do more!

And this book (and many others) will give you ideas for lots of quilt to come!

I particularly like seeing how Angela plans her quilting by sketching her quilting plan in a sketchbook. This technique allows you to see what the quilting will look like, and more importantly, HOW you will need to stitch it.  It gives you a bit of practice if you remember to sketch without lifting your pencil!

I highly recommend this book if you are looking for Quilting Inspiration!

This is a STASH book and it is available for purchase HERE.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Small Studies

In preparation for the Art Sea/Saanich Peninsula Spring Studio Tour I have been finishing up some projects and making a few new ones. The items on display will show visitors the type of work I do. All the work I show will be for sale.

The tour  is on June 10 & 11, 10 am - 4 pm.

I am sharing the space with my friend Peggy Farries who will show and sell her creations too. 

We will be exhibiting at the

1720 McTavish Road, 
North Saanich

These 'small studies' are mounted on canvas and are just part of the work I will be showing.

Mark Your Calendars!

Saturday, June 10 and 
Sunday, June 11
10 am -4 pm

Thursday, May 11, 2017

More Tulips

I showed you my tulips in pots on my deck last week.


All pictures taken at Butchart Gardens. We treated ourselves with a walk through the gardens after working in our own garden last weekend.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Renaissance Stained Glass pattern - Exclusive Supplier

I have had several inquiries about this Patchworks Studio Too Easy Stained Glass pattern.  I have granted The Quilt Basket in Australia exclusive reproduction rights for this pattern and it is available through this shop.

Contact Dianne Assheton at The Quilt Basket via her Facebook Page to purchase this pattern.

The Too Easy Stained Glass technique is also used in these patterns which are available in the Patchworks Studio Store:

Thursday, May 4, 2017


Sharing my tulips in pots with you today.  Why pots?  The deer will eat them, the squirrels will dig up the I plant them in pots on my deck, surround them with a 'fence' over the winter and here are the results.

These are Canada 150 bulbs, developed especially for Canada's 150th birthday. The red markings look like a maple leaf, just like our flag!

I bought all these bulbs through Botanus in Vancouver. I have had excellent results with everything I have bought from them.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What's on my Table, Tuesday?

I am putting the finishing touches on the wallhanging to match the Convergence Bedrunner I made in mid-April. I just have to sew the hanging sleeve and it will be complete.

I quilted the wallhanging with my longarm and used several Handi-Quilter rulers and 
some free-motion designs.

The wallhanging and bedrunner will be FOR SALE at the Art Sea Spring Studio Tour on June 10 and 11. More information about this event coming in the next week or so.  I'll also share a few other items I will be sharing at the Studio.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Update and a Book Review - Boutique Casual for Boys & Girls

Our family gathered for our Easter celebration and my granddaughter's 2nd birthday over the weekend. Our 2 granddaughters were VERY entertaining!

I have gone back to my sewing roots and made matching Crop Pants for the girls using a pattern in a book I bought a few months ago. The fabric has Scotty Dogs - Brooklyn loves 'woof woofs'!

Boutique Casual by Sue Kim is a great book for moms and grandmas wanting to make fun kids clothes. The patterns are for 12 months to 5 years. The book begins with an excellent Basics chapter that describes and illustrates the techniques that are used for the garments. These include seam finishing, making gathers, gathered casings and more. I particularly like the 'inspiration gallery' that follows each pattern. I want to make everything in the book! 

Here are few other projects that are on my To Do List. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

I've been working on.....Convergence and MORE!

Here is my latest 'finish'. A Convergence Bed Runner.

This is so timely because my home guild, the Victoria Quilters' Guild, hosted Ricky Tims for a one-day event on Tuesday. Convergence was Ricky's first published pattern.

We had an amazing day of education, stories, inspiration and music.  Thank you again Ricky Tims for coming to our Guild.

The Bed Runner is a 'companion' piece to this wallhanging that I designed and made several years ago. I'm still finalizing some of the quilting designs and then I will bind it with the dark gray fabric....

PS - these 2 pieces will be For Sale sometime in early June!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring Cleaning - Book Sale

Spring is the time for renewal.....and a good tidy!  I have started sorting in my studio and the books and magazines are first on my list. Some books just have to find new homes - perhaps in YOUR studio!

The prices are on the photos (open to negotiation!). Email me if you see something that catches your eye and I can determine the shipping cost.

Excellent Condition - Hardcover, Spiral Bound 
Good condition - nice historical designs

By acclaimed quilt historian Roderick Kiracofe.
Excerpts from letters, diaries and reminiscences celebrate the
connections between women and their quilts. Autographed copy, Excellent condition

Basic book, part of the Country Living Needlework Collection. Excellent condition

Datekeeper - perpetual - never used, wonderful pictures of
award-winning quilts. Hardcover, spiral binding

Fun projects by Lesley Riley. Good condition

Patterns and essays by Robbi Eklow. Includes CD. Good condition

Definitive book by Kaffe!
Hardcover, dust jacket, Excellent condition

Basic book - different layouts and non-square options

Journal of Creative Vision -
Linda Kemshall, Laura Kemshall, Catherine Nicholls - with CD

Catalog of the collection.
A great book showcasing Hawaiian quilt design. Good condition

The best of 2002 and 2003 quilts from the International Quilt Association shows.
Hardcover, dust jacket, excellent condition

Monday, April 3, 2017

Westshore Quilters' Guild - SesQUILTcentennial Quilt Show

Great Quilt Show on the weekend!  Here are a few pictures from the show:

The Challenge Entries - blocks made using Northcott's Sesquicentennial fabrics.  The blocks will be made into 3 Quilts of Valour. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!

And the winner (as voted on by Show Attendees).....Marlene Rutherford for her lovely Lone Star block. (Prize accepted on her behalf by Donna Sims).

Marlene wins this stack of Sesquicentennial fabrics donated by Northcott.

And the Best of Show winner.........Fire Island Hosta by Marlene Speeed.  Marlene created this masterpiece using dupioni silk!! The quilting is stunning and the award is so well deserved.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tutorial: Making Stencils to use with Paintstiks

In one of the exercises in my Fun with Paintstiks workshop at the Academy of Quilting I show you how to make your own freezer paper stencils.  Here is an excerpt from the workshop.

Draw a shape onto the dull side of freezer paper and cut it out.  

Here is a leaf I drew on my freezer paper. I cut it out carefully with sharp scissors. You will notice that I didn't cut into the leaf from the edge of the paper. It is more like a 'cookie cutter' cutout.

I tried my stencil on paper in a sketchbook first. I held the cut edges down as I painted to be sure the paint did not seep underneath.  This was the result:

For my next exercise I ironed the stencil to a piece of orange cotton, shiny side down. Freezer paper adheres well and does not leave any residue on the fabric. I made sure all the cut edges were attached very well.
I used several paint colours and applied it with a stencil brush. I like to use another piece of freezer paper, shiny side up, as a palette.  I spread a bit of paint on that piece of freezer paper and then swirl my stencil brush in it to load the brush.  I can also blend colours together on my palette. I find it works better than trying to blend the colours on the fabric if I want more subtle shading.

Here is the finished leaf on the orange cotton fabric.  You can see how crisp the edges are and how I painted more heavily around the edges of the leaf to make it stand out from the orange fabric. 

 Here is the same stencil using different paint colours on brown embroidered silk.

I have many more exercises for you to learn about using Paintstiks.  The next session of this workshop starts on April 14th.

Friday, March 31, 2017

The Patterns are HERE....the Patterns are HERE!

Wow...March has flown by in a FLASH....but I have 8 new patterns to show for all my hard work!

And they will start shipping on April 6th.  Get you order in now and you'll have some new projects to work on this year.

Quilt Size: 48" x 61"

Fabric: Nuts & Bolts by Northcott

Quilt Size: 57" x 77"

Fabric: Our Home & Native Land by Northcott

Easy for Beginners

Uses beautiful Santa Claus Digital Panel

Quilt Size: 45" x 51"

Fabric: Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Northcott

Door Banner

Uses Advent Calendar - had 'pockets' for treats!

Quilt Size: 22" x 58"

Fabric: Up on the Rooftop by Northcott

Table Runner:15" x 43"

Placemats:12" x 16"

Quilt sizes: 49" x 61" and 90" x 90"

Fabric for both patterns:

 'Tis the Season by Northcott


The are UPDATED patterns

True North Quilt:
60" x 78"

The National Tapestry Quilt:
50½" x 68½"

Fabric for both quilts:

Northcott Stonehenge Oh Canada