Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The 'To Do' list

At this time of year I start thinking about the classes my students will want to take starting in September. I know it's a few months away but I have to start the planning and scheduling now, especially if I hope to offer some new workshops. I will need time to

  • plan and design
  • decide if my idea has appropriate learning outcomes for students
  • make the project - at least once and probably more!
  • decide how long the class should be, allowing plenty of time for individual attention for each student
  • write handouts, promotional information and supply lists - and check, check, check each one for accuracy.
As you can see I WILL need several months to get all of this work completed.

Here is a picture of Anne, one of my students in last session's Improv Curves workshop, and the quilt she designed and made

When Anne left the class she wasn't too sure what her curve-pieced fabric would become. I remember that she wasn't sure she even liked the fabrics she had used! I, on the other hand, thought they were amazing - great textures and a variety of scales and values.

 A few more curve cuts, some sewing and then Anne made amazing circles that she sewed into the dark background - NOT appliqued - cut circles sewn into the 'right sized' holes!

And the quilting with decorative stitches adds the prefect addition to the quilt. Isn't it FABULOUS!  

I am considering offering this workshop again this fall at my local quilt shop. And it is also in my repertoire of 'away teaching' too.  Let me know if you are interested!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Rock City by Banyan Batiks

Spotted at my local Quilt Shop, Calico Cupboard, last week when I was buying some fabric for a small quilt.

A great runner using Banyan Batiks Rock City collection.

The pattern is Twist and Turn by Designs to Share With You.

Check out the other colourways for this fabric collection here.

Monday, June 10, 2019

A bit of help from my friends......

I had some special friends help me showcase my upcoming Tapa Cloth collection at International Quilt Market in Kansas City. I am truly grateful for their support.

This Tuffet was made by Sharyn Cole from Tuffet Source

Sharyn and I connected at APNQ, The Association of Pacific Northwest Quilters. Sharyn and her husband moved from Washington State to North Carolina to be close to their children and grandchildren. Sharyn started making tuffets as a hobby and now she teaches workshops and has amazing array of patterns so you can make your own.

Check out Sharyn's Gallery on the website and the one with Student Work too. 
You'll be amazed at all the variations!

My friend Kris Poor, from Poorhouse Quilt Designs,
 made 2 of her Scalloped Baskets with my fabric too.

Kris and I are colleagues in the pattern design world and we connected at the
Creative Arts Business Summit in Washington, DC a few years ago. We are both members of the

It is so wonderful to have these connections and support - one of the many things I LOVE about being in the Quilting / Creative Arts business!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Another 'Tapa Cloth' Story

Did you know I had a 'sewing passion' BQ?
That's 'Before Quilting'.

I sewed clothes for my Barbie dolls when I was about 7 years old. Then made most of my own clothes, then outfits for my children.

When I found quilting and began teaching quilting I combined patchwork with clothing for a while and then left the garment sewing behind to concentrate on designing quilts, writing books and patterns and teaching quilting workshops.

I made this jacket for my daughter.
It will soon be 'passed down' to my granddaughter.

The first things I wanted to make when I received my 'sample yardage' for my upcoming Banyan Batiks fabric collection (Tapa Cloth) were clothes. Perhaps it is because I am Grannie to 3 special little girls and I wanted them to have something unique and made just for them by me.

You may know that I have Brooklyn and Alice but there has been a new addition to our family too! 

This is Summer, now 6 weeks old and growing and changing quickly.She wasn't born when my fabric arrived and I still owe her an outfit.

So, what clothing and projects did I make?

A dress for Brooklyn and a pants/top outfit for Alice. 

I commissioned my friend Peggy to make a lovely handbag for me and I also dived into 'home dec' for a cushion.

Brooklyn's dress is by Vanilla HousePoppy's Easy Dress

Alice's outfit:
Sandpiper Capri and Top by Clever Charlotte.

This is the handbag - it is the Breckland Bag by Charlie'sAunt.
I picked up this pattern last year at Quilt Canada in Vancouver.

I also made a 'Jelly Roll Rug' cushion. I used the Jelly Roll Rug2 pattern.
If you do a 'search' online you'll find lots of places to buy the pattern.

Want to see the entire collection? It won't be shipping to stores until December but you can tell your local Quilt Shop that it is available to order NOW. See the collection here.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Design Time - TWO new patterns!

As I was making quilts and doing final preparations for
Quilt Market I also published these 2 new patterns.

The fabric collections for both these projects will be delivering to stores in July.

This '3 for 1' pattern includes a large quilt, 
wall hanging and table runner! 
The piecing is simple ensuring success for 
each project.

Choose your favorite 'mod' colorway.

Quilt: 70" x 77", Wall Hanging: 48" square
Table Runner: 18" x 60"

Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Fabrics are Mod Graphics 
from Banyan Batiks

Make a Wall Quilt using a panel and then
make the matching Bed Runner to celebrate the joyous Christmas season.
 The 'ribbon' is foundation paper pieced.
Choose Red or Royal colorway.

Wall Hanging: 39" x 51"
Bed Runner: 28" x 88"

Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Fabrics are Angels Above 
from Northcott

and get started on a holiday project!

Friday, May 31, 2019

While I've been qulting.......

the garden has had to take care of itself!

Don't you love plants that just create an amazing show without you having to do anything except add water.

My rhododendrons are amazing this year!

Not so much this area of the garden! While it might be the inspiration for a lovely quilt - the brilliant purple Siberian Irises, the lime green tree, lots of green foliage and that hint of yellow in the buttercups.

Buttercups? They've migrated from the lawn into the flower bed and that grass does NOT belong under the tree.

This area of the garden definitely needs an 'intervention'!
Time to get out of the Studio and into the garden.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Every Quilt has a Story

Over the next few months I will be sharing the stories behind the quilts I have designed and made using my upcoming fabric collection, Tapa Cloth. This is a Banyan Batiks collection and I'm thrilled to add this 'hat' to my wonderful career.

Fabric will be shipping to stores in December - lots of time for you to plan what YOU would like to make with my collection.

This quilt is Moonlit Garden.

Display at International Quilt Market, Kansas City.

The story.......I live near Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island and it is a favourite place for me and my family to visit. If you know me, you know I love plants and flowers! 

My favourite time of year to visit is during the summer when there is an abundance of flowers. When we stay for the evening concert, dusk begins and as we leave the garden, we walk along paths with strategically placed lighting to lead the way.  

Some of my favourite areas in the garden are the formal arrangements. Those memories influenced this quilt design, particularly the yellow 'pathways' in the centre of the quilt and framing the design.

If you look closely at the picture above you will see lovely feather quilting - it is just what I imagined for this quilt and was beautifully stitched by Mavis Reynolds of Dayspring Quilt Company.

My pattern has 2 sizes - 76" square and 97" square and is designed for intermediate quilters. Here is a picture of my original design.

Want to know when this pattern is available? 
Drop me an email (info (at) and put 'Moonlit Garden' in the subject line.
I will put you on my 'Notification List'.

Or sign up for my Newsletter (link to the right) and I'll announce availability there too.

Monday, May 6, 2019

A Blast from the Past!

AQS is celebrating 35 years and sharing the winners of their annual show and history of their book publishing through the years. 

Check out this book, published in 1999! This is the FIRST BOOK that Susan and I wrote. It was fairly different for its time. We chose a theme (houses) and the quilts all included houses made using a wide range of techniques - traditional piecing (templates), strip piecing, applique, foundation paper piecing, gridwork and more. We even included a chapter on 'Turning Your House into a Quilt'. 

Here's a link to the 1999 blog post:

Sign up for their On Point newsletter here and follow along as they move their way through the entire 35 years. Signup is on the top right of the page.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Coming up for Air!

Have you wondered where I have been for the last 6 weeks or so? I have been in my studio working on quilts and projects with my upcoming Tapa Cloth fabric collection! I worked with Banyan Batiks to create this collection.

The fabric designs are all based on stamps I used in some of my art quilts. Here are a few 'sneak peak' pictures.

Stay tuned for pictures of the quilts coming soon!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Looking for Springtime patterns?

I have the answer....2 new designs hot off the press.

First up is Blossoming Stars using Northcott's Blossoming Beauties collection by Teri Farrell-Gittins. This luscious collection features peonies, in all their full blown glory! The star centres are selectively cut from two peony prints and accents of shades of green and pink add depth to the design. The pattern includes 2 sizes: 60" x 74" (generous lap size) and 74" x 88" (bed size).

Order the pattern here.

And remember, you can see which shops purchased this collection by using Northcott's Product Finder (in the upper right corner of Northcott's collection page - at the link above).

Read more about the fabric designer, Teri, on her website Shoots and Blooms

The second pattern uses the Paris...Always A Good Idea! collection is also from Northcott

These fabrics are also available in quilt stores now. 

My pattern, Postcards from Paris, features a distinctly French palette of Red, Blue and Cream to Featuring toiles with Paris landmarks, bicycles and postage stamps – your quilt will appeal to any traveller. This quilt is 57" x 70". Learn some nifty ways to use directional prints in this pattern.

Order the pattern here. You will also see the fabric requirements for this project at this link.

I hope you are busy making some new Spring projects!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

How I Use Paintstiks

Are you curious about how to use Paintstiks?  In each of these pieces I'm sharing today I used Shiva Paintstiks to enhance the piece AFTER it had been quilted. This is the focus of one of the lessons in my online workshop Fun with Paintstiks at the Academy of Quilting.

You can learn how to use Paintstiks in YOUR work in my online workshop starting this Friday. 

For this small Anemones quilt I printed the flower on fabric and created a collage. I quilted the anemone leaf on the quilt and then painted inside the quilted leaves
with Shiva Paintstiks. 
I used several colours to get more shading.

I used the same technique for this Convergence Quilt. This time I quilted a Monstera Leaf and then painted inside the lines.  So many people who see this quilt think I have stitched a sheer fabric onto my quilt. They have to touch it too see that it is the paint that gives the sheer effect to the piece.

This is a sample for my Architectural Applique workshop where students
find images in architecture to use in their work. 

I quilted bubbles in areas of the background and when they didn't show up well
I painted these areas with Paintstiks to lighten them and draw attention to those areas.

These are just a few of the techniques you will learn in my online workshop. 

We will start with the basics, including setting up your workspace, the tools you can use and how to get the paint onto your fabric. You will create a sketchbook of ideas that you can refer to over and over again.

Hope you'll join me in the classroom on Friday.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Birthday Sale - I'm Celebrating

I am celebrating my birthday this week.

It's time for a BIRTHDAY SALE!

All Patchworks Studio patterns are 30% off.

That's right.......

I'll be celebrating for a whole week!

Sale starts today and ends
Midnight (Pacific Time) on Thursday, February 28th

CLICK HERE to go to my main Patterns Page

**quantities are limited for some patterns so don't wait to order**

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Ripless Paper Piecing Workshop

Spring IS coming....underneath all that snow!

Brooklyn - getting ready to play in the snow

This persistent crocus in my mother's garden was just waiting for some of the snow to melt 

and these Ripless Paper Pieced tulip blocks mean Spring is near too.  Students in my workshop at Calico Cupboard learned how to sew perfect blocks without having to tear away (and throw away) the paper. Great job everyone.
Ripless Paper Pieced Tulips at Calico Cupboard

Sue brought her quilt top to the store for Show & Tell 

Cheryl showed her quilt ready for finishing too.
Did you miss this workshop?  There are 2 ways you can learn my fun and accurate technique.

Another Ripless Paper Piece Tulips workshop is scheduled at Calico Cupboard on Friday, March 1st, 10 am - 1 pm. Give the shop a call at 250-658-2722 or stop by to register. .This is an 'on demand' class so you can start any time - and you'll have lifetime access!

Can't attend that class?  I teach this technique online at the Academy of Quilting.This is an 'on demand' class so you can start any time - and you'll have lifetime access!

The project is not tulips but you'll learn all about this method that ensure accuracy without the tedious paper removal after you have made your blocks. 

As a BONUS , this class includes a tutorial about fabric 'value' - no, that's not how much it costs!  It is the relative lightness or darkness of your fabrics. This can 'make or break' a quilt. 

Hope to see you in one of these classes!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

This quilt is called 'Hearts-a-Plenty' and it is one of my Give & Take Appliqué™ designs. I used a wide variety of pink fabrics and several decorative stitches for the appliqué.  

Do you use your machine's decorative stitches? Do you only use a few? Why not do some testing to see exactly how they look and try different stitch widths and stitch lengths. You'll be amazed at the wide range of looks you can get.
The hearts for this quilt were drawn using a 'tracing stencil'. For every heart I traced on fusible web I had 2 shapes for 2 blocks. Give & Take Appliqué™ is the ultimate 2 for 1 fusing technique!

Hearts aren't just for Valentine's Day. It is a perfect motif that says 'I Love You' at any time of year!

Take advantage of my Special Offer where you can get my tracing stencil PLUS the pattern. BONUS: The Stencil Set includes additional designs for quilts like these ones.

The regular price for the stencil set with 5 exclusive patterns is $22.95 (CDN).

The One-Day Sale Price is $17.95 (CDN) (plus shipping, taxes where applicable).

Sale expires February 15, midnight, Pacific Standard Time

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Made these 2 blocks yesterday so now I am caught up.  Great fun to use my upcoming Banyan Batiks fabric collection called Tapa Cloth.

Week 4 - Maze

Week 5 - Melissa's World

Over the next few months I will be designing new projects using my fabrics.  Sales reps will begin taking orders from shops in April and the fabrics will be in quilt shops next January!

The big launch will be at International Quilt Market in Kansas City in May and I've made a couple of projects so far. Watch this space to see what I've been making!