Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Embellishments - Old Growth Quilt

I have had a lot of questions about how I embellished my Old Growth quilt.

Here is a close-up showing the bobbin quilting and couching in more detail.

Today I will talk about the basic tools you will need for bobbin work. Next week I'll talk about couching.

I recommend you have a second bobbin case for your sewing machine. You will be adjusting the bobbin tension to accommodate a wide range of thick threads. Having a second case means you will not have to re-set the tension for your normal sewing threads. Keep this bobbin case in a separate place, perhaps in a zipper bag like I do.

You will need a range of threads to put in the bobbin, so empty bobbins are required too. I think you can never have too many bobbins!

Feeding in the 'ends' of threads to bury them is best done with these specialty needles. On the left is a an Easy Threading needle and the one on the right has a large eye.

I did my 'bobbin work' after I quilted Old Growth because I had very little time in which to complete it. Because the quilt was stabilized with batting and backing I did not need to use a stabilizer. If you do the 'bobbin work' before quilting you will need a stabilizer on the wrong side of your work. One that I like to use is Stable Stuff. It does not need to be removed after stitching.

And the threads for bobbin work....anything that is not 'fuzzy' will work.  Here are some examples of what I use and the results on my quilt. All the stitching is done 'free motion' with my feed dogs lowered and from the wrong side of the quilt.

Perle Cotton
(DMC and Prescencia)
I like size 8 and size 5

From a distance this looks like thousands of French knots.

Hand-dyed Crochet Cotton and Perle Cotton

Hand-dyed threads - stack stitches to add texture,
I used mid-green upper thread.

6-strand Embroidery Floss

Very loose bobbin tension adds more texture with these threads.

Next week I'll talk about how I use fuzzy threads.

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