Friday, February 5, 2016

FIVE! New Patterns

I can breathe a sign of relief! I have been writing and drawing and testing since the beginning of January. And these FIVE NEW PATTERNS are the result. I'm thrilled with how the quilts came together and I think you'll enjoy the way they are made.

First is a design using a panel. I've done these before, but usually with a 'kids print'. This one is part of Northcott's ColorWorks Concepts collection. The panel is called Cosmopolitan

That made me think of the drinks, in martini glasses and happy hour. So that's the name of this pattern - Happy Hour. I designed foundation paper pieced Martini Glasses for the border and the coordinating fabrics worked well - big dots and zigzags. Very 'happy' drinks.

Quilt Size: 56" x 75"
Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Selecting the correct VALUE for your fabrics makes the other 4 patterns work. Stonehenge Gradations Brights have the whole range of values and I used these quilts for these quilts.

Value is not the 'colour' of the fabric; it is how light or dark the fabric is. And you can't say a fabric is light or dark unless you compare it with another fabric.

Here's an excerpt from my online class 'Ripless Paper Piecing' at the Academy of Quilting:


Value refers to the relative lightness or darkness of fabric. The key item in this statement is the word 'relative'. This means that you need to compare one fabric to another to find out if one is lighter in value or darker in value than the other one.

Here are pictures of pairs of fabrics. Which one is lighter than the other one?

It is easy to answer the question for the first pair of fabrics - the fabric on the left is lighter. In the other pair it is a bit more difficult. The different colours make it harder to decide. What if the colour was not there?

Here is the same picture converted to 'grayscale'.  The fabric on the right is the lighter one in the pair.


My Ripless Paper Piecing class begins February 19th. You'll learn more about 'value' and my unique method for Paper Piecing in this 3-session workshop. Enroll here.

So....back to the patterns:

Patio Lanterns uses values from 4 different colours. This quilt is 48" x 60", suitable for Confident Beginners.

This design would work well in a monochromatic scheme too. Here's an option in shades of white to gray to black.

Illusions uses pre-cuts! 

Northcott's Gradation Brights Tiles (10" squares) have 42 squares with all the values of one colour. I had a difficult time deciding which colours to use for the cover but finally chose Amethyst (my birthstone) and Indigo. Adding the white fabric added a pop of contrast to this design.

This wall quilt is 52" square and I recommend using the Bloc_Loc ruler to square up the Half Square triangles for this design. (Read my review of the ruler here.

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Prickly Paws also uses pre-cuts. This time they are FLANNEL - oh so cuddly! The pre-cut bundle includes one Fat Quarter of each fabric - a total of 18 Fat Quarters (light, medium and dark values in the 6 different colours). I added the darkest Indigo for the border.  

This lap size quilt is 52" x 75" - but you could make it larger with another stack of Fat Quarters! Easy piecing for this one too.

And the last pattern is a 'strips' quilt. This quilt is a modern vision of geese flying over fields on their long migration. 

I selected the Lagoon Stone Strips
(40 - 2-1/2" strips) plus one light fabric and one dark fabric for this 
57" x 71" quilt.  

I know you'll love my fun way to make those geese - fewer seams required to make your piecing faster.

All the patterns are in my online store now. See details and the Supply Lists for each pattern too. 

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