Thursday, November 3, 2016

Seam Ripper Review

Today I am sharing a review of Seam Rippers. I received this Dritz Quilting Folding Seam Ripper in a goody bag at a retreat where I taught..I wondered if it was a 'good' one. You see, I'm very particular about my seam ripper. We all need one – even the best sewers among us!

I own two seam rippers. A short one came with my Bernina sewing machine and I bought the other one when I thought I had lost the first one. Both have a fine 'prong'. I use the longer one most often. The shorter one is the one I take to classes since the handle can be removed and it becomes the cover. I use a soft zipper bag for my class tools and it is safer to have a seam ripper with a cover. I've lost the cover for the longer one! One good thing about the folding ripper is there is no cover to lose. It also has a fine prong and I tried it recently and it works as well as my others.

You may wonder about the rippers I do not like. I took a picture of my seam rippers along with the one that I think is more difficult to use. You'll see that the prong on that one is much larger. It is difficult to slip it underneath a single stitch. So, if you have one like this, you might find a finer one makes your stitch ripping much easier.