Monday, November 7, 2016

Houston - The Quilts!

When I was at International Quilt Market I allowed time to see the Special Quilt Exhibits and the Quilts: A World of Beauty competition quilts. Today I'll share a few of my many pictures.

When I visit a quilt show and take pictures I always take a picture of the quilt description as well as the quilt. This is so I can give credit to the quiltmaker and read the story about their quilt. All the photographs posted here include the name of the quilt and the quilt maker. I have also included a bit of information about the quilt in some cases. This is so easy with smartphones!

One exhibit where I spent quite a bit of time was the Japanese Quilts - WA QUILT: KOTOHOGI-Celebrations.  The "Wa" quilts reflect a very Japanese sense of colour, material, scenery and pattern. The overall theme of this exhibit is to convey the feeling of different Japanese festivals and celebrations.

Soap Bubbles
by Keiko Goke, Miyagi, Japan

Celebratory Fan
by Junko Sawada, Kanagawa, Japan

A fan is regarded as a symbol of prosperity
 according to its spreading shape.

Red & White
by Yoko Okamoto, Osaka, Japan


The next quilts were all entries in the Quilts: A World of Beauty competition.

From the Art - People, Portraits and Figures category:

African Village
by Janneke De Vries-Bodzinga
Kollumerzwaag, Friesland
The Netherlands
This is an original design inspired by the maker's holiday in Africa.

From the Group category

Manoa Falls Valley
by Shigeko Haruki and eight friends,
Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan

The quilt description:
This the view and flowers we saw in the forest in Manoa on Oahu, Hawaii.
Can you hear the birds chirping?

From the Art - Abstract, Small category

Spring Thaw
by Beth Gilbert, Huntley, Illinois

Inspired by the idea of long-awaited spring.

This quilt won the Koala Studios Master Award for Innovative Artistry, sponsored by Koala Studios.  I was so excited to see this quilt in person!  I had seen photographs and the quilt is so amazing. I felt like I could just walk over and take one of the cushions from a shelf. This truly is a well-deserved winner! 

Silk Road Sampler,
by Melissa Sobotka, Richardson, Texas

Here is part of Melissa's artist statement:

Where East meet West in Instanbul, there is a
spice bazaar that has been there since 1597.
There, surrounded by exotic smells and tastes,
 the vibrant colours of the Silk Road come alive. 

I took a lot more pictures but these ones give you a sense of what 
appealed to me as I spent a morning viewing the quilts. 

Can't wait for all the surprises next year!


Unknown said...

Thanks Daphne, it was great to see some of the best of Houston quilts.

Daphne Greig said...

I took a lot more pictures Ilene. Might post a few more in future posts. Was an exceptional event, as usual!