Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Product Review: Sew Red Glasses

A chance stop at a booth at International Quilt Market in Houston last fall yielded a fun (and useful) tool.
Sew Red glasses are used to determine colour value of fabric. You may be familiar with the Ruby Beholder tool that has been around for many years. These glasses work the same way but you don't have to hold the tool up to your eyes – you just put on the glasses!

I gathered some green and purple batik fabrics to see how the glasses worked. It is easy to arrange the green fabrics in value order without the glasses. Similarly, the purples weren't too hard to arrange.
Blending the two groups together was much easier when I wore the Sew Red glasses.
I got the regular glasses but there is also a 'clip-on' style.
Check their website: www.sewredglasses.com

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