Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Product Review: ScrapTherapy® Mini Scrap Grid & Sew Sassy Thread

Check out this EASY way to make mini 9-patches. And I do mean MINI – only 1-1/2" finished size. 

This is ScrapTherapy® Mini Scrap Grid, an invention by Joan Ford of Hummingbird Highway  and author of the book ScrapTherapy® Cut the Scraps

Joan uses every last bit of fabric to make amazing quilts. The printed fusible interfacing is the key to her method for 9-patches. She usually works with a cluster of nine 9-patches but for my test I decided to make just one 9-patch.

 The steps are very easy:

1.    Cut nine 1-inch squares. I used 4 light and 5 dark. Arrange the squares on the fusible side of the interfacing square inside the light dashed lines and iron in place.

2.    Sew the horizontal seams first by folding on the light dashed line and sewing on the solid line to get a perfect 1/4" seam allowance.

3.    Clip the intersections that are marked on the interfacing

4.    Arrange the seams alternately to reduce bulk when you sew the second set of seams. Press the block when you have finished sewing and you will have a 2" square 9-patch.

I framed my square with blue fabric strips, layered it with backing and batting and decided to try another Houston purchase for the quilting.

Superior Threads released a new thread recently. Sew Sassy is a 12-weight, 3-ply polyester thread designed with Jane Sassaman and for projects where you want the thread to be very visible. They recommend a Topstitch #100/16 needle to accommodate this thick thread.

I changed my needle and found the thread worked very well for both decorative stitches and straight stitching. I lengthened my stitch length for all the stitching tests and loosened my top tension slightly. I used Aurifil 50-wt cotton in the bobbin. 

A final trim with my wavy blade cutter and I have a fun little block that I will use as a mug mat in my studio.

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Laura said...

Very exciting about the 12wt poly thread, Daphne. Thanks for telling us about it.