Friday, June 13, 2014

Flowers on Friday

For this second week of June I thought you would enjoy seeing the mass planting of Rhododendrons that grow below the studio addition to my home. This is the north side of the house and the rhodos like this shady situation. This photo was taken in the morning. You can see the small amount of sun these plants receive at this time of year.

I recently received the newsletter from Russell Nursery here in North Saanich. It included an article about pruning rhododendrons to ensure blooms all over the plants, instead of just at the top. Looks like I will have to watch how I prune the darker red one to have more blooms in some areas. And I will definitely need to prune these plants for height or they will soon cover up the studio windows!

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Jocelyn said...

Wow these are sure beautiful. We don't have rhododendrons in Florida. Ours are Azaleas, which I think is in the same family. We are way past bloom, but when they bloom they are gorgeous. Such a beautiful display.