Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Quilts 'On Point'

Quilts 'On Point'
I shared my Ripless Paper Piecing System in the Pineapple Table Runner class at Calico Cupboard a couple of weeks ago. Students enjoyed the accuracy of my system and the fact that they didn't have to spend time ripping off paper when their blocks were finished. And they could re-use the foundation so less paper waste going into the recycle bins.
I teach this system online at the Academy of Quilting. The class project is a different design and I also include a BONUS Star Table Runner to keep the fun going. This class starts on March 14th. 



The other project I talked about recently is the Lap Quilt that I will be teaching on my Alaska Quilt Cruise in September.

I realized that both these designs are 'on point' settings and thought it would be good to talk about these types of settings and share instructions for cutting the triangles needed for these quilt designs.

'On Point' means that the square block is turned one quarter of a turn. So, instead of the blocks being placed 'side by side' they are 'pointy end - to - pointy end'.  If you know a bit about geometry you will realize that this gives you more 'mileage' from your blocks.  The distance from one point to the opposite point is longer than the sides of the block. This meant that I only had to make 5 pineapple blocks to get a table runner that is over 50" long!

For the Cruise Quilt (still need a catchy name for this one) I wanted students to get more distance from their blocks too - so they can make fewer blocks and still get a large lap-size quilt.

Yes, there is math involved when you use this 'on point' technique.  So I have created a PDF file that you can print and keep in your studio for reference whenever your design uses this type of arrangement.

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 Hope this helps you when you are creating YOUR next quilt! 


About the Alaska Cruise.......

I have had a few people ask me: "Does my husband have to learn to quilt too?" 

Husbands/partners/friends are welcome to join us for quilting but.....there are lots of things for them to do on the ship while you are in class. Classes are only scheduled for the two 'at sea' days so you won't miss any of the excursions when we visit Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway.

We also have no scheduled class on the day we will be cruising Glacier Bay. This is one of the highlights of this cruise! 

Yes, I have been to Alaska teaching on two previous cruises and it is such a wonderful trip that I said "yes, yes, yes" when this opportunity came along.  Hope you'll considering joining me - want more information? Click the picture of the EAGLES in the sidebar.

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