Monday, March 3, 2014

Broken Cookies - Quilt Canada Workshop

On Friday, June 13 I will present another 1-day workshop at Brock University, the site of Quilt Canada 2014.  My Broken Cookies workshop is a result of a quilt I made in 2004. And that quilt resulted from the cover quilt for my book Fat Quarter Frenzy. In the book I made split circles that were perfectly round and perfectly matched. 

I wondered what would happen if I wasn't so 'matchy, matchy' and The Cloth of Africa was the result. I also wanted to use some of my extensive stash of African fabrics. You see, I was born in South Africa and came to Canada when I was a very little girl. I still have strong family ties to several countries in southern Africa. 

This quilt was exhibited at the American Quilter's Society Show in Paducah in April 2005 and at the Association of Pacific Northwest Quilters Show in Seattle in August 2006.

The Cloth of Africa, Daphne Greig, 2004
I have continued playing with this idea of 'splits' since that first quilt; I realize I have been working 'in series' for over 10 years!

In this class students in the class will have the opportunity to play with circles and ovals.We will try some 'string' blocks and have fun with our machine's decorative stitches.

 Or maybe you would like to try triangles!  I'm open to lots of design options in this class. All you need is stack of fat quarters and let the play begin!


More Information about the Niagara Region:

The organizers of this year's Canadian Quilters' Association Conference at Brock University have posted some great information about the Niagara region. I love combining a quilting event with touring an area. I don't often get to do this but hope to see some of the area when I am in Ontario.  Click here for more information about Quilt Canada 2014.  

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