Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Night Lights

One of the places that I love taking pictures of flowers for my Flowers on Friday series is Butchart Gardens.

For over 100 years this garden has attracted visitors from all around the world and it is right in my 'back yard'.  Every season has something new to offer and the holiday season is no exception. For several weeks in December/January the garden is full of twinkling lights and amazing displays showing the 12 Days of Christmas.

Night photography is not my best skill but this photograph of the main building and the Italian Garden will give you a sense of the beauty of the garden at night.

And it was just near this display that my future son-in-law proposed to my daughter just before Christmas. What a magical place it is!

If you ever come to Victoria, be sure to visit the Gardens.


WeedyMama said...

I have only been to Buchart Gardens once, but was totally enthralled with the place. What a wonderful place for a marriage proposal, and a wedding?
I would love to have some of those pink day lilies in my yard too, but the deer would probably think they were extra tasty. I hardly ever see the blooms, because they have been munched.
Thanks for the cheery flowers on this gray, cold, foggy morning in eastern Washington.

Daphne Greig said...

We have great issues with deer too. I have moved quite a few plants, including roses, into pots on our deck where I can keep an eye on them. Bunnies are a plague too unfortunately.

Butcharts and weddings - unfortunately they only do weddings in the early part of the year and not in the main garden. I can understand how the logistics might be difficult with the number of visitors they get.

Foggy here too today - hope it doesn't impact my flight to Kamloops tomorrow. Teaching for the Sagebrush Quilters on the weekend - FUN!