Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Garden Produce

Do you have farmer's markets where you live? Isn't it nice to actually MEET the people who grow your food!

Every Saturday morning in the summer the back garden of the church at the end of our street is filled with local growers and artisans. Last weekend I just HAD to have these multi-coloured beans. Don't they look pretty tied up together. Reminds me of those packs of Fat Quarters that shops tie together. They are both so inticing we just can't resist.

The farmer is originally from Holland and I pick up lettuce and greens from him nearly every week. He often has specialty plants for sale too. At the beginning of July I bought this variegated hosta. It is very happy living in the large pot near my front door. It really brightens up the entrance on the north side of our home.
My next stop was The Baker - I don't know her name. It's always so busy at her stall that we can't chat!  The lineup is the longest and in these pictures you can definitely see why. Again, the display of the baked goods makes them all SO enticing.
Baquette Breads - perfect for cheese and a glass of wine!
This week baguette bread, cinnamon buns and blueberry scones came home with me.  Oh yes, I had to try the brownies. The fellow in line in front of me was planning to buy 4 for himself and then one of the other vendors came along with her order for 4 as well. They were all wondering if there'd be any left. So I just HAD to give them a try. Nice a soft and very, very chocolate-y.

She also makes excellent use of local fruit. You can see the blueberry crostini in the picture below. Wonder how many pounds of blueberries SHE orders? (See my previous post about the blueberries!)

Left to right: Scones, Muffins, Brownies, Squares, Pumpkin mini-loaves, Blueberry and Apricot Crostini - hungry yet?

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