Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blueberry Time

I am so very lucky to live where I do. I am out in the country with lots of birds and wildlife around, clean air and land used for agriculture. One of the best things....across the street from my home is an organic blueberry farm. And my order for 100 pounds was ready last week.

No, I don't use 100 pounds myself. The order was shared among several friends and family members. Some wanted 5 pounds, some 10 and some wanted 20. I am in the 20 pounds group. It was so easy for me to just drive my van down our driveway, stop across the street and load up the back!

Of course one can't eat 20 pounds of blueberries right away! I like to freeze them in a single layer on cookie sheets, then the frozen gems are put into ziploc freezer bags. I 'suck the air out' with a straw.  Oh, yes. I label the bags first since it's hard to write on the 'blueberry bumpy' surface.

Into the freezer they go - all ready for winter when I'll put a few on my breakfast oatmel and perhaps my husband will make his wonderful blueberry pancakes some Sunday mornings when it is cold and damp outside. We'll be reminded of these lovely summer August days.

The blueberry farm is call Ruby Red Farms. Check out their website for information about the farm and click the Recipes link. Perhaps you have blueberries where you live too!

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