Friday, February 2, 2018

YOU did it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! all my retail customers who bought patterns during my Spread the Net Challenge.

Patchworks Studio will be donating $90 to provide 9 Bed Nets....oh....let's make that an even $100 for 10.

Here is a reminder about why I chose to support this project.
  1. This is the final season for The Mercer Report, a Canadian comedy/public affairs show hosted by comedian (and all round adventure seeker) Rick Mercer. It's a fitting tribute to all the years of laughs and sober thought Rick has given me and my family.
  2. Every TWO MINUTES a child dies from malaria. The scary truth - malaria is treatable and preventable. For just $10 one bed net can help save the lives of two children for up to three years.
  3. My father and I were born in Africa - my father in Zimbabwe and me in South Africa. A part of my heart will always be there.
  4. Because this is a 'school/student' challenge it can educate and encourage lifelong support for charitable giving by students. This puts a 'face' on who we help - it is person-to-person giving.
  5. I have two 'under 5' people in my life - my beautiful granddaughters, Brooklyn and Alice, and I can't imagine having to protect them from this killer disease.

If you would like to lend your personal support here is the link.

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