Monday, January 9, 2017

Christmas PJs

The last gift project I made for Christmas was pyjamas for my granddaughters. I found some lovely flannel at the Lethbridge Sewing Centre when I was teaching for the Lethbridge Guild in September. It was the tradition in our family that my children could open one gift each on Christmas Eve and it was always pyjamas. We continued this tradition this year.

Here is Brooklyn. I think these will fit her for a couple of years. She loves those LadyBugs!

  I made a kimono for Alice and found 'spotty' leggings to go with it.

The other tradition is reading The Night Before Christmas and my DH was happy to tell the story.

Here is one other picture - this is my Mom (Great Grandma) with her great granddaughters.


Jenny said...

Making Christmas pyjamas is such a lovely family tradition!!

Daphne Greig said...

I have lots of years ahead for the tradition to continue. Thanks Jenny!