Thursday, November 14, 2013

Product Review - MyPad

Haven't we all been told to use the proper needle for the thread or technique we are doing? Many of us hesitate because we are not sure what to do with that 'gently used' needle that is in our machine. You can't just dispose of it; there is sewing or quilting time left on that needle!

In the past I would put that partly-used needle into my favourite pincushion so I could use it again. The problem was trying to see the size of those needles if I wanted to reuse one. The numbers written on the end are impossible to read unless I get out a magnifying glass or squint under the brightest light, hold them 'just right' and get the needle in the right part of my progressive glasses! MyPad™ solves all these problems.

MyPad is made of material similar to a mouse pad but a bit thicker and it is marked with the most common types and sizes of needles on the market; everything from Universal to Quilting to Leather. When you put a needle into your machine, mark the space for that type/size with the flower pin that comes with MyPad. Now you will always know what needle is IN your machine.
When I need a different needle and the one in the machine is not bent or dull, I take it out, put it in the space with the flower pin and move the pin to the space to mark the new needle I have put in my machine. You have to get into the habit of doing this so keep the pad right by your machine along with your new packages of needles. A tip for knowing how much 'life' is left in your needle....write how many hours you have used the needle on a small piece of fabric and attach it to the pad with your needle. A general rule of thumb is to replace the needle after eight (8) hours of use and at the beginning of each project. You can also use the marked fabric idea for any slightly used needles that aren't listed and pin them to the unmarked area of the pad.
I really love this product - so much that it is available in the Patchworks Studio store.  My order will arrive soon - just in time for Christmas gift giving.  What a great gift for yourself and your quilting/sewing friends!  The price is right too - just $13.50 (plus tax/shipping).


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