Thursday, October 3, 2013

Product Reviews - Swatch Buddies

When I taught in Hawaii earlier this year  knew I would be visiting a few quilt shops. I am working on a hand-pieced hexagon quilt with a wide variety of fabrics that coordinate well both in colour and theme. I want to add a few more fabrics to the mix but wanted to be sure I didn't buy fabrics I had already used. A great tool to help me was Swash Buddies™.

How often have you made a fabric buying error? You think it will 'go' with what you have and when you get home you realize that your memory for the colour or pattern was just a bit 'off'. I knew I wouldn't remember the exact turquoise, lime and gray I wanted for my quilt so I used the Swatch Buddies kit to make a ring of swatches.

The kit includes everything you need except scissors and fabric. The special ring holds the plastic cards. You use peel and stick labels to attach the fabric swatch to the card and then put the cards on the ring. There are also labels that you can put on the other side of the card where you can note the yardage you have, where you purchased it, the designer and any other details you want to know. The cards and rings are reusable and refill kits that include more adhesive and labels are available.

I found a couple of additional fabrics for my quilt and I plan to use this system again when I'm trying to match fabrics for a future project.

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