Thursday, September 22, 2011

Touring Halifax

My husband and I arrived in Halifax late Monday night and spent Tuesday touring some of Halifax. Our first stop was the Citadel, a 19th century fort built on a hill overlooking Halifax harbour. It is an example of a bastion complete with defensive ditch, ramparts, musketry gallery, powder magazine and signal masts. Although never attacked, the fort was garrisoned by the British Army until 1906 and by Canadian Forces during the First and Second World Wars.

We joined a tour guide (dressed in the uniform from 1869) to hear more about the building and purpose for the fort.

This cannon is used as the 12 noon gun every day in Halifax.

It was an excellent look into Canada's history in the 100th year of Canada's National Parks.

We then toured part of the waterfront area, including a retired WW2 Canadian naval corvette.

More to come from Fox Point in a couple of days.

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Jackie said...

I see you are at the same retreat as my new friend Elaine... looks like a wonderful time!