Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hand-Dyed Threads - what to do?

You are probably wondering what I will do with those thicker threads that I hand-dyed. Most are too thick to go through the eye of any needle (even size 110/18). I use them for hand embroidery and bobbin quilting. When you quilt with thick threads in the bobbin, you use a needle sized for the thread you have on the top of your machine.
If you would like to learn more about bobbin quilting I will be presenting a lecture and demo at International Quilt Festival in Houston this fall. Join me at the Machine Quilting Forum on Thursday, November 3, to learn more about Quilting with Fat and Fuzzy Threads.

This is also one of the workshops I teach for guilds and shops. Check out my workshop brochure and teaching schedule. Perhaps I can come to you so you can learn more about needles, threads and stitching techniques. 


Superior Threads said...

What a beautiful use of your hand-dyed threads. Gorgeous!!


Daphne Greig said...

Thanks! I also love the heavier Superior Threads for bobbin work - and it's easier to load my bobbins with them than it is with the hand-dyed skeins!