Sunday, July 27, 2008

Playing with Paintstiks

A few friends came to my place last week to learn about Shiva paintstiks. I set up our space in my dining room by covering the table with foam core boards and a large sheet of plastic. I showed them how to use a variety of 'resists' including masking tape and commercial plastic stencils. We also tried some 'rubbings'. Here are the results of our playtime.

First, a whole row of samples placed on plastic in my living room. Once we got started we couldn't stop!

And here are closeups of some of the great samples done by Rose, Peggy and Darlene:

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Sharon Eley said...

Which items are the resists? Which paints do you use on your fabrics? Are they waterproof for washing? Thanks for sharing these photos. I can imagine the FUN you had!
Sharon Eley
Chillicothe, OH