Monday, May 4, 2020

Time to Quilt - Sashing Tips

Have you finished all your blocks? Played with arranging them in rows and columns? Now you are ready to sew the quilt together.

Today I have a few tips about sewing the sashing between your blocks and rows.

Tip #1 - Label each row so you can keep track of the order. Then sew the horizontal rows of blocks together with sashing between each block. Do this carefully so you don't mix up the order of the blocks.

Tip #2 - Measure the length of ALL your rows. Are they the same length? If not, calculate the average length of the blocks. Write down this measurement.

Tip #3 - Sew the 1 1/2" sashing strips together to make 1 long strip. I sewed my strips with a 'straight' seam. I backstitched 1 stitch at the beginning and 1 stitch at the end of this short seam so the seams would not separate if I had to 'ease' the strips to fit.

Tip #4 - Measure and cut the sashing strips the same measurement as your average row length. Fold in half and pin at the edge at the fold. Fold in half again and pin. You should have three pins along the edge of your strip.

Fold and pin your row of blocks in the same way.

Tip #5 - Match the pins and sew the row of blocks to the sashing. Sew with the blocks on top so you can see all match points and seam pressing. Ease to fit between the pins if necessary

You can see my hand holding the pinned intersection in this picture.
I sew with 'needle down'. I call that my 'third hand'.

Tip #6 - I use a Hera Marker to 'finger press' the sashing to one side (away from the blocks). I don't like to iron these narrow strips since they may ripple and stretch. Contact me if you can't find one of these tools through your local quilt shop.

Tip #7 - Make vertical marks on the horizontal sashing to match the vertical sashing between the blocks. You will want the next row of blocks to 'match' perfectly with the previous row's sashing.

Match the marks to the row sashing and pin these spots.
Pin with the next row of blocks on top.

Sew right up to the pin before removing it. Needle down is your friend here too

The result - perfectly aligned blocks and sashing!

I hope these tips will help you have a perfectly matched quilt.  I'd love to see your results!

I'll be talking about quilting ideas soon, so stay tuned!


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