Saturday, May 2, 2020

Time to Quilt - Layout and Finishing

Congratulations to all the winners who posted pictures of their favourite blocks on the Northcott Facebook page! I have really enjoyed seeing all the different colours and styles that were shared there.

Have you made all your blocks? There should be a total of 48 - 24 positive and 24 negative.  Have you started arranging them and will you make 1 quilt or a couple?

I am going to follow the basic plan from Banyan Batiks. This quilt was made with Banyan Batiks Essentials fabrics, all in teal colours. I love the monochromatic look.

Mine, on the other hand, is very colourful! I used all the fabrics from the Sea Glass and Sea Foam colourways of MY fabric, Tapa Cloth. I designed this fabric last year and it started shipping to quilt shops in December 2019.  The additional fabrics are all Banyan Batiks Essentials, mainly Ketan and Shadows.

Here is the plan I am using for my quilt. My sashing is Broken Glass from Banyan, a rich navy texture (#81500-48). It has enough strength to contrast with all my darkest fabrics. And I happened to have enough in my stash! I am using 1" finished strips for the sashing (that's 1-1/2" cut). My outer border will be 2" finished. I'm hoping I have enough fabric for that width PLUS the binding. My quilt will be approximately 63" x 83".

My friend Patti has been playing with several other layouts on her blog today. She has some fantastic arrangements and ways you can make your quilt larger. She invites you to vote for your favourite arrangement and there will be a draw for a free pattern.

And YES, there's a cocktail of the day too - a French Martini .I have ingredients for this one so I will ask MY mixologist to shake one up for me later today to celebrate my quilt.

Hope you had a lot of fun with Time to Quilt.  Stay tuned - there may be another 'quilt along' type project coming soon!

Until then.....happy quilting to all!

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