Friday, May 1, 2020

Time to Quilt - Block 24!

Wow - we made it! An amazing journey of 24 days making 24 positive and 24 negative blocks. And sharing them with all our fellow quilters. Give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done!

Here is the final block. The pattern is on the Banyan Batiks Facebook Page.

This block is very easy. We have already practised the 'connector corner' method used in 4 squares and the remaining 5 squares of our 9-patch block are just that - squares!  What took me the most time with this block was deciding which fabrics to use. I had arranged all the blocks and needed to determine which colours would work best in my quilt.

I have one more great tool to share with you today. I shared my 3-in-1 marker earlier. I still like it but when marking on dark fabrics this Clover White Marking Pen is my 'go to marker' for drawing very fine lines that are visible on dark fabrics. They will not rub off so they are great for marking quilting lines as well as the sewing lines we need today.

This marker has an interesting 'feature'. When you mark a line you may think it did not work. But....wait a few seconds.....and the line shows up.  Many students who have been in classes with me where we discuss marking tools know how much fun I have demonstrating this marker - often on the leg of my dark coloured pants! I wonder what shop keepers think if I stop for a few groceries on the way home from class.

The marks are easily removed with heat - just gentle heat from your iron held above the fabric. And these marks STAY REMOVED! 

Here is my pressing plan for the block and scroll down for some quilts.

I like this arrangement best. 
Might be fun to play with some applique flower blocks as alternates with these.

and now a sneak peek at my first 4 rows of blocks sewn together with narrow sashing between the blocks. Each row will be separated by the same narrow sashing. I found a great navy Banyan Batik 'Broken Glass' fabric in my collection and I think I have just enough for the sashing and binding. I may not add a border; we'll see when the centre is complete.

Don't forget to share your blocks for a chance win a great fabric prize. And check out my friend Patti's post today too. Wonder what the 'drink of the day' will be. I hope she and her hubby keep posting about these - maybe they should be giving us the recipes!

What is next on my agenda? I have a couple of UFOs to finish and I am 'itching' to start a new project too. I think that will be my reward if I complete 2 older UFOs. We all love 'rewards' right?

Keep in touch with me on Facebook. I'd love to see your progress on your quilts.

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