Friday, April 24, 2020

Time to Quilt - Block 17

Today's block is similar to yesterday's block. I thought about pressing for these blocks too. That is often where I start when I want to make a block. I work 'backwards' from the finished block and look carefully to see where I will want patches to match well.

You can get the pattern for today's blocks on the Banyan Batiks Facebook Page.

I made all the HSTs with my 'oversize and trim' method (described in Block 6).

Here are pictures of the back of the blocks (and 'arrows') to show you how I pressed the HSTs. I pressed all the joining seams open to reduce bulk where all the points match.

Pressing - Left Block

Pressing - Right Block

Here are a couple of quilts. Both quilts are a 6 block x 6 block arrangement.

This arrangement looked better with very high contrast.

I'm not sure I would make either of these quilts. What about you?

I wonder if Patti tried some quilts. Check our her post today.

Today is Friday. Don't forget to post pictures of your blocks to enter to WIN some fabrics
on the Northcott Facebook page.

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