Sunday, April 19, 2020

Time to Quilt - Block 12

Here is Block 12.  You can get the pattern for today's blocks on the Banyan Batiks Facebook Page.

We are half way finished making the blocks for our quilt! Are you keeping up? Sharing your blocks on the Northcott Facebook Page?

Congratulations to the winners of fabric prizes on Friday. There will be another draw for fabric on Friday. Be sure to post your blocks this week.

Now...on to the block.  This is a 'classic' block - Churn Dash.  It goes by other names too: Shoo Fly, Double Monkey Wrench, Hole in the Barn Door to name a few. And I have made a couple of quilts that feature this block. I'm including pictures of those quilts today.

Today's tip is about pressing. 

Here is the back of the block:

You may wonder why I pressed the seams the way I did. I know that when I have all the blocks completed I will have to sew them into a quilt. It will be important to keep all the 'points' of the blocks. For this reason I think ahead to the steps that will make that easier.  Whenever there are outer points in a block I find it easiest to 'match' if I can see the stitching or the 'match points'.

This picture is the bottom section of the block. I pressed the HSTs toward the centre in this area so I can see the stitching lines (marked with O).

and on the sides of the block (my last joining seams) I pressed open. This gives me a flatter block and I can also see where I will have to align my stiching.

 Now quilts...

Here is an 'on point' setting.......

and a quilt I made for my son a long time ago. It was 'hanging out' in a spare bedroom here. I hand quilted this one early in my quilting career. I took the photo on our back of my favourite places to 'social distance'!

And another one - Chips and Churns, a pattern I made with Northcott ColorWorks in 2014.

Have you made this block before? What did you make?

Check out Patti's tips for this block. 

And share your blocks on facebook using these hashtags:

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