Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Something POSITIVE

A few years ago I posted 'Flowers on Friday' here on my Blog. It was a way for me to celebrate each successful week in my business.

Today, I am re-starting this but it is BIGGER and BETTER than it was.

I know we are all facing uncertainty as the COVID-19 pandemic circles our Earth. But, at the same time, our Earth continues it's annual cycles through the seasons. Here on Vancouver Island it is Spring and flowers are starting to bloom. This reminds us that although we humans are dealing with many changes, those seasons continue.

To remind us of this I will be posting a Flower of the Day. It is good for my mental health to visit my yard each day to see what changes have happened in just 1 day. I'll be walking my neighbourhood as well - keeping social distancing for sure. This is easy to do because I live in a very rural area.

I will be posting these pictures on Facebook and on Instagram @daphnegreigdesigns

I invite you to share your flowers too!  Use the hashtag: #floweroftheday2020 and lets flood the world with what beauty we can see in our own backyards. I'll be working through how to take 'square' pictures with my phone and learning more about Instagram along the way too.

So here is my first picture - helleborus by my front steps:

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