Wednesday, March 13, 2019

How I Use Paintstiks

Are you curious about how to use Paintstiks?  In each of these pieces I'm sharing today I used Shiva Paintstiks to enhance the piece AFTER it had been quilted. This is the focus of one of the lessons in my online workshop Fun with Paintstiks at the Academy of Quilting.

You can learn how to use Paintstiks in YOUR work in my online workshop starting this Friday. 

For this small Anemones quilt I printed the flower on fabric and created a collage. I quilted the anemone leaf on the quilt and then painted inside the quilted leaves
with Shiva Paintstiks. 
I used several colours to get more shading.

I used the same technique for this Convergence Quilt. This time I quilted a Monstera Leaf and then painted inside the lines.  So many people who see this quilt think I have stitched a sheer fabric onto my quilt. They have to touch it too see that it is the paint that gives the sheer effect to the piece.

This is a sample for my Architectural Applique workshop where students
find images in architecture to use in their work. 

I quilted bubbles in areas of the background and when they didn't show up well
I painted these areas with Paintstiks to lighten them and draw attention to those areas.

These are just a few of the techniques you will learn in my online workshop. 

We will start with the basics, including setting up your workspace, the tools you can use and how to get the paint onto your fabric. You will create a sketchbook of ideas that you can refer to over and over again.

Hope you'll join me in the classroom on Friday.

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