Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Border Quilt - Quilt Along - Part 5

I'm a day late....and a bit behind with the Quilt Along.  I had to 'shift gears' and work on one of my own pattern quilts over the past couple of weeks.

This new pattern uses Stonehenge Gradations - those shaded fabrics work so well in this design!

Buy my pattern here.


Now....on to the Quilt Along!

I knew I would have to 'work smarter' for this part - with 304 Half Square Triangles needed for the Pinwheel Border!!

I thought I would use Thangles so I would not need to do any trimming....but I didn't have the correct size!  

So back to marking the cut squares and sewing 1/4" on each side of the line.

But....why not keep them 'chained together' - would that speed things up a bit?

IT DID! I didn't cut my chain of squares apart when I cut on the marked line.

That meant I could put an entire 'chain' on my ironing board, walk the iron down the row and press more efficiently. After they were pressed I cut them apart.  What a time saver this was! I didn't need to arrange all the sewn triangles and then press them. They lined up perfectly. This will be my new way to press HSTs!

I did have to trim with my Bloc-Loc ruler but this results in the perfect size.

I'm working along making the blocks 

and I'm loving how this brings that peach colour back into the quilt!

How are YOU doing with your quilt?  Be sure to share your progress on the 

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