Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Border Quilt - Quilt Along - Part 4

I am moving along with my quilt. The next border is Friendship Stars. I took a lot of pictures as I made this border and I hope some of my hints and tips will help you as you make the blocks for this border.

I layered the marked squares on the dark squares and
'chain pieced' 1/4" from the marked line (both sides).
This saves time (and thread!).

I used a small ruler to cut the squares apart on the marked line.
The smaller ruler is easier to move around - also a time saver.

I arranged as many sewn units as I could on my ironing board and
pressed toward the dark fabric.
Can you see a 'theme' here? I'm all about saving time!

I want PERFECT Half Square Triangles and this is assured with the Bloc_Loc ruler.
First you trim one corner (with the ruler 'locked' on to the seams).

Turn the block. lock onto the seam and trim the opposite corners.....

and the blocks are the perfect size with the diagonal seam right in the corners.

More time saving with chain pieced units and the whole chain on the ironing board.

Snip the threads between and these units are DONE!

Pressing these steam open gives a flatter quilt.

Sewing with the 'blocks strip' on top of the plain border
allows me to see where the star points are.

Worked perfectly - no cut off points!

Friendship Stars and plain borders are now on my quilt.

The next border needs MORE Half Square Triangles. I'm going to try a different method so be sure to watch for the next instalment in a couple of weeks.

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