Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Happy New Year - Christmas Preparations!

My time before Christmas was extremely busy. That's why you haven't heard from me in almost a month!  Here is a bit of what I was doing.

I spent several days looking after my granddaughter Brooklyn. I decided it would be fun to have her help make some cookies to give to family members.

Here she is helping with 'thimble cookies'.  I found the perfect 'thing' for her to use to make the indent. It was too hard to have her use a thimble. We tried all the thimbles I had - such small fingers on a 2-1/2 year old!

She also made gift tags (with Grammie's help) for each package of cookies.  She enjoyed making thumb prints with my red ink pad and I turned them into little birds. She loves birds, especially watching them come to our feeders just outside our back door!

It was such fun watching her hand out her gifts on Christmas Day. She was sure to tell everyone 'it's got a birdie on it'!

Come back tomorrow to see the sewing and quilting I did in the last couple of weeks before Christmas.

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