Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A Walk Down Memory Lane

I just received these pictures from Diane G. in New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania. Diane's quilt was a second place winner in her county fair.

This quilt is a 'walk down memory lane' for me because it is a pattern I designed in 1999! The Millennium Quilt was a way to celebrate the start of the new century. It was an online Block of the Month sponsored by Patchworks Studio (one of the only quilting websites in Canada at the time). Quilters were asked to send in pictures of their completed quilts. Perhaps a dozen or so would send pictures............

The flood of pictures was AMAZING! And from all over the world.  I have a photo album full of pictures. Yes, actual photographs! Sending electronic photographs was not easy back then.

Netherlands, Ontario, Michigan

Here are a few pictures of some of the other pages in my album.

California, Oklahoma, Virginia, Iowa, Mississippi!

Maryland (3 quiltrs) and Australia (2 quilters)

Washington State
One of the few electronic pictures received from Roxy A.

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