Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Hawaii - Part 2 - The Kula Botanical Garden

This was our 2nd time visiting this garden. The first time was 37 years ago!

At that time the garden was in its infancy - everything was small, newly planted....

 and we were very young!
Trader Vic's - Honolulu, 1980
The garden is now an explosion of vegetation with huge trees and flowering plants.  Here are just a few of the pictures I took. They will definitely inspire some new projects for the winter ahead, both the shapes and the colour combinations.

I love large leaves

A great colour combination

I took this photo to show the different stages of life - young through old.
Bird of Paradise

Monstera - my favourite!

and more Monstera

The orchid house

Paper Bark Tree
Shell Ginger

Blue Ginger

Protea - South Africa's National Flower

Another Protea

The view from the garden.
 In my next post I'll share pictures of my day with Maui Quilt Guild - stay tuned.....

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