Thursday, September 14, 2017

True North - in a special cabin

I love it when quilters send me photos of quilts they have made from my patterns!  Joy F. sent me this photo of True North, a pattern I designed to use Northcott's Oh Canada fabric.

Joy told me that the quilt is 'proudly displayed in a log cabin that used to belong to my great great great Canadian!'

I wanted to know more about the cabin and Joy sent me pictures of the cabin its history. Here is the information from Joy:

The log cabin is on the Big Rideau Lake (about 1 hour south of Ottawa).  My father researched our family history and found out they came from England to Peachum, Vermont in about 1702.  They became United Empire Loyalists and settled near Morrisburg.  The Chamberlain home is still standing near the St. Lawrence River.  My g.g.g grandfather was a doctor, dentist and MP who lived in the log cabin at Harlem’s Corners, about 5 km from Portland, ON.  The log cabin was built about 1820.  In 1994, we discovered it falling down.  There had been an exterior staircase in the summer kitchen at the back.  We helped my brother number the logs and transport them onto our property, about 20 km away.  He built a basement and a log maker bleached the logs and rebuilt it on the foundation.  We helped with the chinking and my brother added a large porch, screened in porch on the side, back family room with the powder room, and a full bathroom upstairs.

My father bought the property in 1970 and had a dream to build his own log cabin.  Our family helped him realize his dream by chopping down trees on our property, stripping the bark and help build a little log cabin with no electricity.  I remember being on the other end of a saw with my mother!  

Do you have a story to tell with one of my quilt designs? I'd love to hear from you!  Send me your photos and story and I'll be happy to send you a free pattern of your choice.

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