Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Painting Class

Yesterday I hinted about another class I took earlier this summer. I said I dipped into the 'paint pots'. I bet you were thinking that I was painting on fabric.....

Nope....I know how to do that. I have always wanted to learn about painting with acrylic paint. As in, painting on a canvas.

I registered for a 4-session workshop at the McTavish Academy of Art.  You may remember that this is where my friend Peggy and I displayed our work for a Studio Tour earlier this year. We were very impressed with the Academy and it's owners.

I can 'paint' a landscape with fabric.............

but painting with acrylic paint is so different!

Here is the result of my class.

I used a photograph from a previous Alaska Cruise as my inspiration. 

I definitely have a LOT to learn....and I actually would prefer to paint more abstract designs. I have all the tools and paint now so I'll have to put painting time on my schedule!

I had one more 'learning opportunity' and I'll tell you about that one on Friday.

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