Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Successful Studio Tour

I am spending today re-sorting and re-arranging following a very successful weekend Studio Tour. No....I didn't have to tidy MY studio and invite the public into my home.  My friend Peggy and I shared a space at a local elementary school that is no longer used as a school.

Two very enterprising young artists have created the McTavish Academy of Art.  What a wonderful community art space. It is amazing to see how they have transformed the school into art space, a Yoga studio and community gathering venue.

We were assigned the Dance Studio to show our work and were in shock 
when we saw how large the space was! 

 We were not daunted....and managed to create a wonderful display of our work.

We covered the end 'Dance' wall and a part of the mirrored wall with quilts.
Special thanks to Alan for helping us hang the quilts!

 The 'barre' under the window was perfect to display MORE quilts.


Tables were decorated with small art pieces and table runners.

Wooden stands were perfect for wallhangings and more quilts.

More tables filled the center of the room.

Peggy's sewn creations, including amazing re-cycled denim handbags and hats, 
were displayed near the entrance.

Some of my work that did not sell during the tour will be added to my website's For Sale section soon.  I'll let you know when to check it out!  In the meantime, if you see something in the pictures that interests you drop me an email and I'll let you know if it still available.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Art Sea Spring Studio Tour.  

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