Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Product Review - Bobbin Holders

In my travels I am always keeping an eye out for new ways to keep my bobbins and thread spools together. I use a LOT of different threads!

I store my threads by type - works for me.

Recently I found 2 new ways to keep matching thread spools and bobbins together.

First is Bobbin Topper by Taylor Seville.  A feature that I really like is a 'Thread Lock'. The tail of thread on the bobbin fits into a small slot on the edge of the bobbin topper.

The other bobbin keeper I found is a funny-looking gizmo that reminds me of a bobby pin. It works well too.  They would be costly for a lot of them though - $1 each.

But my all time favourite way is my own 'invention'.....a safety pin. 

Now....I wish I could find something that would keep bobbins and CONES together - anyone seen something like this?


Bev said...

Great idea. Thank you for sharing.

ZooMom said...

LOVE the safety pin idea - Why did I not think of that!

Daphne Greig said...

Thanks Beverly & Katie. Have either of you seen any 'gizmo' to keep bobbins with cones?