Monday, March 6, 2017

Product Reviews - Decorative Cutting

Updated info - FISKARS makes decorative blades for the 45mm rotary cutters too. 
Check your local quilt shop or crafting store.

There is lots of FUN to be had with your rotary cutter.  Did you know that you can use your rotary cutter to make a pinked edge? Or a scallop or wave? I use the Decorative Rotary Cutting Blades from Olfa.

These blades fit your 45mm rotary cutters; you simply remove your straight blade and replace it with a decorative blade. I first used one many years ago when making a model for a local shop and rediscovered them when planning a project to teach on my  Caribbean Quilting Cruise last January. I wanted my students to create a Caribbean Cottages scene with bright fused fabrics and hand embroidery. These decorative blades were perfect for adding a decorative edge to the fused appliqué shapes.

Caribbean Cottages by Carol Stewart

I have also used them to cut a decorative edge as the final step for my collaged greeting cards and quilts.
Check your local quilt shop for this fun addition to your rotary cutting system.


Sunnie said...

These blades are fun! I used a couple old handles so I didn't have to change blades all the time. If you don't have extra cutters around, look for them at the quilt guild sales!

Daphne Greig said...

Great suggestion. Thanks.