Friday, February 3, 2017

Addition to the Patchworks Studio Store

I have a few Convergence Quilts books (by Ricky Tims) left from the workshop last week.  Are you intrigued by the great quilts made by my students? You, too, can make a Convergence Quilt - and more!  

Ricky offers lots of creative guidelines but no hard-and-fast rules, so every Convergence quilt is a unique work of art.

• 4 projects walk you through the steps of making Convergence quilts
• Quilts look complex but are fun, easy, and, best of all, creative to make
• Use any fabric from commercial prints to hand-dyed
• Add decorative touches such as appliqué to dress up your projects
• An infinite number of looks from one ingenious technique 

Only 4 copies left - order your copy TODAY before they're gone.  
Price is $34.95 Canadian (aprrox. $24.00 US) plus shipping.

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