Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Christmas Present for ME!

I'm giving myself a very special present this year!  I've ordered the new Bernina Adjustable Ruler Foot (#72) plus a set of Bernina quilting rulers.

This new foot will work with my Bernina 440 model and I'll also be able to use the rulers with my HandiQuilter Avante.  

You may ask why I would get this foot since I have a longarm. Well, sometimes I have a smaller project to quilt and it is just easier to do the quilting on my domestic machine instead of having to load it onto the longarm.

I am a very good free motion quilter (have taught this for many years), but beiing able to use the ruler techniques we can use on a longarm on my domestic machine adds another tool in my toolbox.

Interested too?  I ordered mine from my friend Kathy at Snip & Stitch Sewing Centre in Nanaimo, BC.  This is a full service Bernina dealership and Kathy's staff have all the knowledge about Bernina.

Here's a blog post from Amanda Murphy about these new tools!


I've been a 'Bernina girl' since I convinced my mom to trade in our old Featherweight on a newer sewing machine back in the early 1970s.  I KNOW....don't frown....I wasn't a quilter then and didn't know the value of a Featherweight!  I just wanted to be able to do buttonholes for the garments I made. I was tired of making 'bound' buttonholes!

That first Bernina 831 was a workhorse - still have it!  I had it serviced ONCE in 30 years - but only because I'd heard that you were supposed to.  I cleaned it regularly, oiled it as was shown in the manual and I STILL have it. This machine sewed everything from garments for me and my family, curtain (LOTS of curtains), craft items and, finally, quilts.

When I wanted to do Blank Stitch Applique, I bought another Bernina - but I had learned my lesson and didn't trade in my 831.

My 1260 is going strong too! Another wonderful feature that was new to me was the NEEDLE DOWN option. My free motion quilting became SO much easier with this option. And the buttonholes...well there are several types!

It's nice to have a 'backup' machine with more of the stitches I like to use. There are a couple of stitches on this machine that aren't on my 440 - you just can't have enough 'stitches'!

(PS - I have since received a wonderful gift of a Featherweight from my late Aunt so that makes 4 machines that I own).

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

I got the foot but can't find the rulers. There is a quilt show in January that always has a Bernina dealer so hoping I can find them there. I have not been brave enough to try the foot yet.