Wednesday, November 30, 2016

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These classes are presented through the Academy of Quilting.

Attic Windows - Design and Quilting - $30 US  now $21 US

What's in your Attic Window? Is it a country or woodland scene? Wild animals or fish in a pond? A bright children's print? Theme prints are perfect for windowing. I will show you how to explore a variety of window options to suit your window fabric and how to design your own one-of-a-kind quilt.  You will work with graph paper and some easy tools to design your quilt.

You will learn to select the supporting fabrics and sew traditional mitered windows with my fool-proof technique. This is both a design and sewing class and is suitable for confident beginners with rotary cutting and basic quilt making skills.

Paper Piecing Paradise $40 US  now $28 US

Paper piecing, foundation piecing, sew and flip, whatever you call this method, using it you will give you perfect blocks and no more chopped off points! During this class, you will learn how to create your foundations, select and prepare your fabrics and how to sew perfect blocks every time.

Even traditional blocks can be pieced this way; it is not just for small blocks or unusual blocks with sharp points. You can make the layout as shown in the class sample or rearrange the blocks to create a sampler or a completely different scene.

This is a paper piecing starter class, suitable for beginners with basic quilt making skills.

If you have found foundation piecing difficult in the past, I know you will learn to love it in this class.

Ripless Paper Piecing - $30 US  now $21 US

This is one of my most popular 'in person' workshops! This small project will pay big dividends. You will learn how to foundation piece without sewing through the paper. Using this easy method, you will have perfect points without spending hours removing tiny scraps of paper with tweezers. You will also save time and thread by being able to sew with a regular stitch length.

A bonus in this class is learning all about value. that is the relative lightness or darkness of fabrics. This is an essential skill for anyone who works with colour!

I will continue to guide you as you choose a quilting design and bind your project with a single fold binding. Skill level: Easy.

Seminole Piecing - $30 US  now $21 US

Seminole Piecing is a patchwork method used by the Seminole people of south Florida to enhance their garments.

I will show you how to create eight bands of patchwork using simple rotary cutting and basic piecing techniques. The magic comes when you cut the units apart and sew them back together. You will be inspired by her suggestions to use the bands to trim garments and home décor items.

You will make a tote bag, bolster pillow and wall quilt in this class and will have lots of ideas for more projects.

Level: Advanced beginner and up.

Too Easy Stained Glass - $30 US  now $21 US
This is another one of my most popular workshops!

Let’s face it. Quilters love fabric, but some fabrics are hard to use. Those wonderful landscape fabrics will not be the same if we cut them into tiny pieces. What to do? I have the perfect solution. Framing your quilt with leading lines creates an often surprising new view of your fabrics, drawing the eye in and giving greater attention to your focus fabric. You will learn a no-bias, no-glue stained glass technique.

As you make a small project, I will show you the Too Easy steps that set this approach apart from other methods. You will then explore further design options for a variety of fabrics and sizes.

All Levels.

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