Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy you!

Do you remember that song? Happy Trails to you, until we meet again....

This was the theme song for Roy Rogers and Dale Evans - and I was a huge fan when I was about 4 years old.  I had an old fishing hat with a string that was my grandfather's. I loved to hang it around my neck so the hat was on my back....and when I ran around the hat bounced on my back and I imagined I was riding a horse.

Here I am with the hat on my back....and my doll 'Billy'.
How does that fit with a new pattern you ask?  Well, when I was asked to design a quilt using Northcott's new fabric, Rodeo Roundup, I remembered playing 'cowboy' with my old hat and I said 'yes'.

Here is my new pattern, Happy Trails.

Lap Size - 54" x 74"
 I started with the border stripe of cowboys and bucking broncs to make a horizontal row quilt. I love row quilts!  They are such fun to make and it is great seeing your quilt grow with every row you make.

The pieced blocks are my own design, once used in a vertical orientation for a flannel child's quilt in a magazine article I wrote many years ago. And to add just a bit more fun I added the pieced border blocks. These make the quilt look like an old rug that you might find on the set of Bonanza!

The fabrics will be in your local quilt shops very soon. Why not make this pattern for your own 'buckaroos'.  There are 2 sizes - lap size is 54" x 74" and the double size is 74" square.

Double Size - 74" square

Order the pattern online here.

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