Friday, March 13, 2015

Flowers on Friday

Sometimes you win..............sometimes, not so much!

That's my story this week.  We have a DEER PROBLEM where I live.  So I planned to outsmart them this spring. I planted my tulip bulbs in pots on my deck.

In case you didn't know, deer LOVE tulips (plus roses, plus lots of other plants).

Our deck isn't high above the ground but I thought I had the pots where they couldn't get at them.

One large pot was along the edge of the deck, set back a bit.  But that darn deer managed to get them.

Here is the pot with most of the tulips gone.

But one pot was far enough away - hurray!  These sunny faces are a joy to see!

Next year, the pots will be FAR from the edge of the deck.  We gardeners learn something new every year.

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