Friday, February 6, 2015

Flowers on Friday

Today's post is my African Violet that started blooming last week. 

My plant sits on the windowsill in my studio, facing West. It must like it there!

The botanical name is Saintpaulias. They are native to Tanzania and adjacent southeastern Kenya in eastern tropical Africa.

My tips for care of these plants: never get water on the leaves; water from 'below'

I put water in the white ceramic container, set the plant pot in it and let it draw the water up until the top feels slightly moist. Then I tip out any extra water in the ceramic pot.

I let my plant dry out before I water again.

Do you grow African Violets? What are you tips for getting them to re-bloom? Share your experiences.


Anonymous said...

Hi Daphne, beautiful quilts.
I am not that good but I try. About violets, I love them, I have some blue,pinks and purple. I do the same way you do watering them . My advise to have flowers all the time is: mix the violet food, a few drops every time you are watering them.
Happy quilting...

Daphne Greig said...

Thanks for the advice Marilda.