Sunday, January 11, 2015

Blog Hop - Studio Spotlight

Have you ever wondered what your favourite designer's studio look like? How they store their fabric, tools and thread? If so, join us as 10 designers take you on a Studio Spotlight tour!  Each day a different designer will give you a tour of their work area. 

Some will be clean and neat... others not so much?? 
Is the fabric stacked and organized by color... or in mounds on the floor?

You will also get to see their latest projects and possibly what they are currently working on.  This blog hop is sure to be a lot of fun and maybe a little crazy. 

Each designer will be giving away something fabulous! So hop on over to each blog so you can join in the fun!

Click the LOGO to see the list of participating designers and check back here each day where I will post the link to see each designer's studio.

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