Thursday, October 31, 2013

Product Review - Quilt Labels

At Quilt Market in Portland in May I found a couple of interesting products that allow you to attach audio, photos or videos to your quilt labels. Now you can actually speak to the person who will receive your quilt, and they can even see you!

Two companies make these special labels. StoryPatches are from Both sew-on and iron-on patches are available. You need an iPhone, iPad or android device to use these. First you need to download the STKR.IT App from the App Store (it is FREE). Then you use the App to scan the code from the patch you want to use. Next create your video, photo or audio message (or choose one from your phone or computer) and save it to the StoryPatch. Sew or iron the patch to your quilt label.
To playback the message, the recipient scans the code with any QR code reader (also a free App) and the message will be revealed. I attached a video to my sample StoryPatch. If you would like to watch it, scan the label picture with at the top (with a QR code reader) and you can see a video taken at the Hawaii retreat where I taught in February.

The other company making a similar product is Sizzix. Their TalkingTag works in a similar way but you can only add audio to these codes. They will have a video version released by the time this article goes to press.  Go to the website: to download their FREE App through the App Store. I tried the download on my iPad and on my Windows PC. The iPad is easier since there is already a camera to capture the graphic on the tag. To use my Windows PC I would need to have my digital camera attached.
On the iPad, when you open the App you see a screen to scan the tag. I centered the tag in the box on the screen, there was a sound and I went directly to a screen with a microphone and a counter. I had 1 minute to record my message. You can review and re-record until you are satisfied. Then you save the message and sew the tag to the label on the back of your quilt. Playback requires the TalkingTag App so you will need to include the instructions for download along with your quilt so the recipient can hear your message.
If you would like to hear my test you will need to download the App to your device and scan the TalkingTag in the picture below.

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