Thursday, October 17, 2013

Product Review - Fast2Clean

C&T Publishing is more than a book publisher. They also produce interesting products for quilters and fiber artists. New introductions include microfiber cleaning products for all your devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). They are called 'fast2clean™'.
First is a packaged set printed with details of a quilt featured in Barbara Brackman's book Civil War Quilts. This package includes 1 large cloth plus 1 medium and 2 mini static-cling cleaners. 
The most recent introduction is a package of two fast2clean Modern Dots. These are 1.5" round static-cling dots with details of modern quilts. I have used microfiber cloths for cleaning my glasses for years; it is nice to have one with a quilt design. The 'static cling' cleaners cling to your device so you can have one with you whenever you need it. They clean the finger marks off the screen, it is amazing how dirty the screens can get. A simple swipe makes it clean and clear.

If you don't have an iPad or iPhone you can also use the cloth or static-cling cleaners to clean the screen on your computerized sewing machine; just put one of the squares or dots on your machine and it is there when you need it. I used one to clean my computer monitor too. It removed all the dust and my screen is much easier to read!

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