Thursday, September 5, 2013

Product Review - Needle Twister

I have several needle cases but always seem to be hunting for the best needle for the job. Sometimes I need a large-eye needle to bury threads when machine quilting or my latest find, easy threading needles. Other times I need a fine straw needle for appliqué. A medium sharp does the job if I have to sew on a button. I have long, fine needles for hand sewing binding to the back of my quilts. There has to be a way for me to find the correct needle when I want it. So I was interested when I saw a new way to keep all your needles in one place.
The Needle Twister is a large tube and operates like a lipstick. You remove the cover and twist the bottom and all your needles pop up. They are held in place by a magnet and they won't fall out even if you turn it upside down. It is easy to see all your needles in one place and choose the correct one for the job. The cover snaps in place so the needles can't fall out and stray bits can't fall in.
I love having it in my take-along tote for quilt group or classes. I think a second one would be excellent for storing pins as well. Don’t get me started on all the different type of pins I have!  We'll leave that for another day.


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