Thursday, August 8, 2013

Product Reviews - Bobbins and Thread

Three ways to keep bobbins and thread together

The first way is the smallest item I found at Quilt Market last October. Spooler™ Spindles from Grabbit Sewing Tools promises to 'Keep the right bobbin with the right spool of thread'. An added benefit is a small slot at the end of the spindle that traps the loose thread end on your bobbin. The instructions on the back suggest you pass the bobbin thread up through the center of the bobbin before pushing the bobbin on the spindle. This was an important step to anchor that loose end into the slot. When I didn't do that, the thread slipped out of the slot. One drawback of this system is the bottom of the Spindle. If you like to stand your threads up they tip over easily.
I found a second tool to do the same job at a local quilt shop. Bobbin Mates are smaller and are placed in the top of the spool so it will still stand up. There are 12 in a package and were very inexpensive. They worked well with both small and large spools. The main difference is there is no way to 'trap' the end of the bobbin thread.

And the third way to keep your bobbins with the right thread is my own invention, one that I have used for years. It works with bobbins that have holes in them as mine do. A simple basting safety pin (medium size, not the smallest ones) can be threaded through the holes in the bobbin. Close the pin and slip the rounded end into the top of your spool. It is a snug fit so the bobbin doesn't fall out. I have a drawer full of threads with their matching bobbins. Of course, this means you need to buy more bobbins but I think you can never have too many bobbins!

All three of these work with spools of thread. It is nice that there is consistency among manufacturers for the holes in spools. I haven't found a good way to keep bobbins with thread cones. Anyone have a product for this?


The Colorful Fabriholic said...

OMG, your safety pin trick is GENIOUS!!!

Daphne Greig said...

Thanks for the comment. By the were one of the winners of the Professional Quilter magazine! Please email me with your name/mailing address so I can send it to you. Thanks.


JoyceLM said...

Great use of safety pins - thanks for sharing.

Jocelyn said...

Thanks so much for these great reviews. I really love reading about different things in the quilting world. BTW, I did receive the PQ magazine. Thanks so much. It was so fun reading about all of the nominees.