Saturday, August 17, 2013

6 New Patterns

It has been a very busy summer at Patchworks Studio!  I am pleased to announce the release of 6 (yes SIX) new patterns.  Everything from traditional patchwork to fused appliqué to products for your home.  All the patterns are available at the Patchworks Studio store.

 If you would like your local shop to stock my patterns, ask them to contact me.

First up is Bake It Easy, a pattern I have wanted to create for a long time. I just had to wait for the PERFECT fabric and Northcott's Modern Love was just what I was looking for.  The set includes a unique Apron (with a massive pocket area for cell phones and anything else you want to keep handy while you cook), a bun holder for rolls or muffins and 2 large potholders that give great protection and show you how to sew 'partial seams'.

Next is Stepping Stones (named by my daughter when she saw the design). This restful quilt uses Mikado fabrics, a luscious Asian line inspired by Japanese kimono textiles, shibori and sashiko. Fusible appliqué makes this a good choice for Confident Beginners. The pattern includes both a quilt (53 1/2" x 66") and a bedrunner (26 1/2" x 89"). 
Berkeley Castle uses an amazing new fabric line called Stratford Park. A wide range of neutral colours are included in the line with subtle prints to coordinate with a Jacobean-style print. The most exciting pieces are embroidered cottons which are included in all colourways!  They act just like the excellent fabrics that Northcott is known for but they add a special texture to your quilt.  This is actually one of the easiest quilts to make!  It is half square triangles in two sizes and there is ample area for you to showcase your quilting.

I was so lucky to have Jennifer Watson of Quilt As Desired do the quilting.  It is truly an heirloom that I will treasure and pass down in my family. Pattern number for this one is PS321.

The next 3 patterns use a new 'basic' line called Toscana. It looks like suede - but it is 100% cotton. I LOVE the names of the colours - sweet pea, picket fence, pinky swear, tangerine tango, going gray, atmosphere....can't you just imagine the colours when you read those names!

Nine Dance has just that....nine-patch blocks. But the setting  gives the illusion of wide border strips. I included a wall quilt (58" square) and a bedrunner (32" x 83) in this pattern. And I couldn't resist trying everything in 3 different colourways.  It was fun to name my versions: Caribbean, Tuscany and Trafalgar.  'Trafalgar' since I was naming this pattern around the time of Prince George's birth and I was thinking of London. I have a very old black & white picture of me (18 months old) with the pigeons in Trafalgar square when I was emigrating to Canada with my parents in 1957 so it seemed a good fit. Pattern number is PS323.

Pop-O-Dots is fresh, fun and so easy with Give & Take Appliqué™. This is my 'two-for-one' fusing technique where on shape equals two fused designs. You're done in HALF the time!!  This quilt is 59" x 73" - you could make more blocks or fewer to create a different size.  This is PS324.

The last one is Sunflower Tile. This is also a Give & Take Appliqué™ design. I was imagining a beautiful marble floor in Venice when I created this design. I wanted to use the 'sunflower' shape I created for my Give & Take DVD in a new way and this design was a perfect fit.  The Give & Take Stencil Set is an optional product with this pattern. It makes tracing the sunflower shape faster (but you can trace the design included in the pattern too). The pattern is PS325.

So...that's it for now.  Another 5 or 6 patterns are 'on the drawing board' for this fall and when they are ready I'll announce them here.
I'd love to hear your feedback on these designs - let me know what you think!


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